Monday, February 27, 2012

A Manager with Personality

A young woman who’s a customer walks into the Columbus Public Library Bookstore and looks around to see what books are there. Next to the purchase counter, a short African-American woman strides out from the back room, walks right up to the customer and greets her. Her name tag reads Evelyn Durrah: Bookstore Manager. She smiles to the customer and says very cheerfully, “Hello ma’am, welcome to the bookstore.” Evelyn strikes up a conversation with the woman very casually about a certain book that she hopes to find. Evelyn helps the woman search around the store for the book that the customer wants. Evelyn even looks around in the back room for the book, but neither of them can find it. Returning to the customer, Evelyn’s voice is regretful as she says, “I’m sorry that we don’t have the book and it sounded real interesting too.” Before the customer walks out the door, she says “Oh well, it’s not your fault, but thank you so much, you were very helpful.”

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