Alicia Thompson

Hey everyone my name is Alicia Thompson (aka Ali Thompson) and I am a part of the Scramble Dog family!

 I am a writer, feels good saying that.

Why do I write? I write to get my emotions out; it's my physiological therapy. Writing is a craft, and it is soooo fun to use techniques I've been learning to strengthen create stories about seemingly ordinary situations. Sentences are my thing. They are everything, and I have fun trying to make good ones. Good sentences make amazing stories! I am also an anecdote girl!!! I love writing mini-stories within my pieces to bring my characters to life.  I also like to find meaning in situations in my life that were not significant at the time.

Besides writing, I also sing, act, and dance. I'm just an artsy girl all around!

I am excited to continue writing and creating something beautiful and gaining more skill points with this talent God had blessed me with. :)

That's my spiel folks! Need to know more? Just ask me, my life is now an open book...literally!

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