Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome to the Stage

Five foot two radio personality and entrepreneur, Natasha Hall, stands off to the side of the big room as the growing crowd murmurs amongst themselves. Natasha restlessly watches everyone’s move, cautious of any miscalculation. She warmly addresses passerby’s as they seat themselves all around her. Wearing a black, form-fitting, off the shoulder dress with leopard printed wedge heels, Natasha begins to nervously sound check her mic. Her face lights up at the sight of a familiar face and says “I wish you could have been a part of the show!” in a sad, yet excited tone. With her long black hair streaked with a strawberry colored tint, curled into long tendrils, a make-up artists begins to touch up her face. She mutters the time to Natasha and Natasha gestures to two other females. They momentarily walk behind a blue curtain, and in seconds, reappear on the stage before the now silent crowd of her peers. Natasha beams and announces into the mic “Welcome Ladies and Gents to the first annual Respect My Craft exhibit…” 

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