Sunday, August 25, 2013

Post 1- the long sentence

About a year ago, I was in a screenwriting class where I was paired to do a short film with a friend, Gina, who had invited another friend to come and help with our movie, even though the script called for one actor, so we added a snippet where she played a FBI agent that was coming up my driveway (I’m not sure how that clip fit in with a film about coming up with an idea for a script [an overplayed plot, but it was our first movie]), and to get her into character, we gave her a backstory and lots of details that weren’t in the movie and were irrelevant to the plot, as far as I remember, but that seemed to help her, and after a few takes of her slouching up the driveway like she was delivering bad news, we knew she wouldn’t come across as an agent, but the project was not being graded on casting or acting abilities, so we needed something, a small action, that is overused by actors playing agents on television which would make her identifiable, even if it was as a stock character, so Gina told her to pretend to talk into a hidden microphone in her shirt sleeve, even going as far as to show her by performing the action herself, but the friend (whose name I can’t even pretend to remember) must have misunderstood, so the final take that we were forced to choose had the friend walking up the driveway mumbling into her bare wrist, looking like a lunatic.

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