Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tony's Sentence

"So, we're on Skype, right, and he's playing some videogame or something and it's messing up his connection, so we turn off the video and that fixes it, but I can only hear him, and we're talking and I hear this sort of popping like something fell off one of his shelves or something, and he says "Well, that's not a good sound" and I ask him what it was and he's like "Five or six gunshots in rapid succession" and before I can even say anything I hear that sliding sound of his back door being opened and then immediately "OH JESUS CHRIST FUCK!" and I'm freaking out, I'm like "Tony, what the hell, are you okay?" and he's like "yeah, sorry" and starts laughing "I opened the door and a cicada flew into my face and then bounced off me, hit the wall and fell to the floor dead, the things fucking huge, and bugs just scare the shit out of me" and I would have been pissed at him for scaring me like that, except all I can think is how the hell is he scared of a cicada but will stick his head out of a window to see gunshots."

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